Helicopter accidents

Helicopter Accidents

Money For the past forty years the law firm of Sterns and Walker has been assisting the families involved in helicopter and plane crashes throughout the world.

Sterns & Walker suggests

  • Contact an attorney to learn your rights
  • Check the attorney's record,
  • Be wary of insurance companies offering gifts;

If new people suddenly enter your life

  • Be careful of new friends who suddenly appear
  • For your own sake, do not discuss any aspect of the accident without first notifying your attorney
  • Do not leave cash or valuables at the office
  • If you get a feeling someone is following you, trust your instincts.

A history of Medical, helicopter crashes by state, is here.

Size of crash, by graph.  (Put cursor over graph block.)

The Washington Post reported medical helicopter flights, 2.5 billion dollar industry that grew dramatically as a result of for-profit companies.  Growth first spike in 2002 after Medicare the nations largest insurance program, increased payments.   More helicopters took to the skies, resulting in more crashes, with 23 crew members killed in accidents in 2008,  the deadliest year of all.

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